by Etaf Rum

I loved this book. It made me cry more than once and left me feeling wrung out and bleary eyed.
I hated some of the characters and felt great empathy for them at the same time. I raged against what they did and the decisions they made at the same time as understanding the pressure on them to do exactly what they did.

Powerful, beautiful, and scary this book tells the story of three generations of Muslim women dealing with moving to America from Palestine as refugees, violent husbands, cultural pushback from the younger women – and family family family.

Just amazing – and a debut novel! wow

The only bit that snagged for me was very near the end when it felt like we were being told Deya’s story in summary format – and it sounded like a self-help book. I am not sure how it changed or why, but suddenly I remembered I was reading a book and not actually experiencing along with the family.
This does show how very good the rest of the book was though, but still means 4 and not 5 stars from me

I hope Rum writes and writes and writes, because in exchange I will read and read and read