by Anne Tyler

This is my book for #Popsugar prompt 15 – retelling of a classic. This is Tyler’s retelling of The Taming of the Shrew.
To start with, The Taming of the Shrew is an awful story, and then add to that the fact that Tyler writes with such connection about middle class America and this was always going to be a challenge.
The book is perfectly well written but it is hard to connect with the characters and their rather odd decisions and actions.
A father getting rid his wayward daughter to a man who wants to tame her – how the hell do you modernise that story?
Tyler does it by bringing immigration laws into it, making it at least plausible.
I found Pyotr, the husband and ‘tamer’ the character easiest to relate to, and his incredible loneliness in a foreign country was beautifully captured.

On it’s own this was a bit meh for me, but as a retelling and therefore within quite strict confines, it was better than meh.
I have loved other books by Tyler so my 21/2 star rounded up to a 3 star meh rating is for this book only, not the author in any way.