by Ann Rule

I am counting this for #Popsugar prompt 17 – set on a campus, because so much of what Bundy did was centred around various college campuses.
What a horrifying 15 hours of audiobook this was; and impossible to put down.
The starting point of this book is astounding on its own – Ann Rule was contracted to write a book about the as yet unidentified serial killer while close friends with a young man called Ted. That they were the same person was inconceivable to her – until it wasn’t.

Bundy’s story is so horrifying because he seemed so ordinary – or even better than ordinary. A good looking, smart, seemingly caring man who murdered and murdered and murdered.
He could be anyone any of us know! And that’s scary.

Rules takes the reader along in an almost conversational way making the content of what she is saying even worse.
This book was well worth the time it took to consume