by Caroline Kepnes
After being absolutely riveted, absorbed and horrified by You I found this book wishy washy and unconvincing.
So much of it was just ridiculously unbelievable and Joe became ordinary and nasty rather than dark, creepy and, in some way, understandable.
He used, for me, to be commentary on society, on men’s sense of their own rights, on the slewed way those in power see society
In Hidden Bodies he is a stroppy little teenager acting without thought – his creepy has been replaced by pedestrian ideas and actions
He used to be everyman – this is what made You so terrifying – on every street we women knew Joe lurked, watching one of us, wanting to control some of us
The Joe of Hidden Bodies is someone from some slightly ridiculous American true crime adaptation
(and I’ve just been submerged in Ted Bundy and still Joe was not believable).
The book ends with a perfect start to book 3 but I doubt I will ever be interested enough to bother with it
On its own maybe Hidden Bodies would have been better than just okay but following You it, for me, just crashed and burned