by Margot Lee Shetterly

I am using this book for the #ReadHarder prompt 6: A book by an AOC set in or about space.
While space is not much of a character is this book it is the story that made any space travel possible.

This is an incredible story well written and wonderfully narrated.
These human computers were amazing women with crazy smarts who did unbelievable work – all behind the scenes while the white male engineers stood front and centre stage.

Not only did these women overcome sexism and racism, they were also brilliant minds. There is so much in this story – these women were literally computers before computers existed. Just amazing.
And considering the position they were in in society at the time – what they achieved is mind blowing.

Fabulous book and now I want to watch the movie immediately
We need more of these books; books that tell the other stories, the stories hidden behind the straight white man version of the past.