by Miranda Bliss

I read this book for #Popsugar prompt 22 – a book with SWEET in the title
and it was fine.
Cosy mysteries are generally nothing much more than fine – they are simple and easy and a relaxed read that requires very little from the reader.
And as an example of that, this book is above average.
The characters are likeable and the sub plot is sweet and believable

What this genre lacks, and that may its value to many readers, is any involvement by the reader in the move towards solving the crime. No clues are provided or red herrings thrown at the reader – there is no way we can work out what has happened before the protagonist does.
For me, that’s the thrill of reading the old classic who dunnits, and what is always missing in cozies.

But I still read them for a break from heavier stuff – and I’d read another Bliss for the same reason.