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by Patricia Wiltshire

I am counting this book for #Popsugar prompt 39: Revolving around a puzzle or game
For what greater puzzle is there than catching a killer?

This book is very interesting as Wiltshire takes us through both the theory and practical application of forensic botany.
Pollen, spores, leaf fragments and the such can help the learned eye place body or a crime very specifically in time and space. I think that that is amazing.
Wiltshire mixes her development as a botanist into her role as the first forensic botanist in Britain with her personal life with references to marriages, children and parents.
She is clearly brilliant professionally but had some horrible real life events to deal with along the way.

I thought this book well written and fascinating – really worth reading if you are even vaguely interested in solving puzzles.

Remarkable Creatures

by Tracy Chevalier

This is my book for #Popsugar prompt 8: Book about a hobby
A gentle story about two women, both fossil hunters, in the early 1800s.
I didn’t realise until afterwards that it is based on the lives of two women who really were fossil hunters. Knowing this made me happy.

Mary and Elizabeth are an unlikely friendship – Elizabeth is a spinster from a somewhat moneyed London family living in Lyme to allow her brother the family home. Mary is a dirt poor local girl, collecting fossils from the beach to sell to tourists to keep the family from starving to death.
Add to that a 20 year age gap and these two women should never have even acknowledged each other, never mind become actual friends.

But a shared interest can be a powerful thing. And combined with the times and the way women were treated these women found great strength and support in each other.

Beautifully written, this book tells of both the women and their friendship, and society of the time. That any women managed to achieve anything at that time is truly extraordinary.

Lovely book

by Harriet Lerner

I read (well, listened to) this book for #Popsugar prompt 16: a question in the title
I picked this book solely because it had the required question in the title.
However, I wasn’t far into it before I was really glad to have found it and read it.

Lerner looks at the processing apologising from both sides of the situation; both that of the person apologizing and the one receiving the apology.

I learnt so much about how I both apologise and respond to apologies. I shall certainly behave differently after experiencing this book.

This book is wonderfully worth it.

by Michelle McNamara

This is my #Popsugar prompt 13: Published posthumously book
Riveting stuff – such a pity the author didn’t live to see the awful man caught.
Well researched and well constructed with a balance between hard facts and a narrative which engaged.
Really top of the true crime game