by Aisha Tyler

This will count for #Popsugar prompt 32 – a book by a WOC. A good half of what I read is written by authors of colour but this is the first this year so I will count it here.

I like Aisha Tyler and quite liked this book. She sets herself up to be the butt of the joke and is quite happy to be laughed at.
I listened to the audiobook of this book and I think that was probably the best way to do it. The run on sentences and asides probably work best when narrated rather than read. Tyler narrates the book and it works. I am usually a fan of author narration and in this case I think it is probably essential.
Her stand up comic skills push the book along and engage the listener.

The chapter on hobos made me very uncomfortable and Tyler felt condescending and patronising, but other than that, this book is funny, light and easy to enjoy.