by Hanya Yanagihara

#ReadingWomen prompt 17: Over 50 pages

This book makes me go hmm and wow in equal measure. I got completely absorbed by the story and loved the time I spent with the characters. But at the same time I got a bit annoyed, especially by Jude, for there being so little personal growth. I found his character particularly to be unbelievable. I just felt that a man so damaged would not be so accomplished – not without actually addressing his damage. The disparate elements to his life felt incongruous.

But also – wow – this book is so beautifully written. and cleverly constructed. what I kept waiting for didn’t really happen despite there being so many opportunities for it to do so. And then what did happen was so unexpected and happened when so not expected that I felt I had been punched in the gut – repeatedly.

Well worth the time required, this fat book is a delight if not always pleasurable.