by Mara Altman
#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 36: pink cover
I liked this style of non-fiction – the anecdotal mixed with the researched factual. It makes the whole lot easier to read and less dry but is still educational.
I know it does not work for all forms of non-fiction but personal ones like this, and, I have to add, those covered by Mary Roach, fit perfectly into that narrative style.
I was surprised at how much I learnt listening to this book (yes, I did the audio version. The body is an amazing thing and I enjoyed the female edge to the information. Our bodies are so policed by society it was interesting to learn about how we try to subvert natural body processes in order to better be approved of by society. Appalling but interesting.
Altman is approachable as an author and easy to consume. I would imagine this book is as readable as it was listen-to-able.