by Lisi Harrison

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 4: about a book club, 13: same title as a movie but unrelated, 27: featuring a deadly sin (there is a lot of lust), 35: Three word title (if you are not counting The).
I am using it for prompt 4.

This is a interesting book in that it is quite easy and fluffy but it also looks at female relationships and how important they are to womxn.
The book includes two sets of four womxn who belong to The Dirty Book Club – The first set are in 1962 and they establish the Club as a safe space to talk about their lives and deal with what life throws at them. The second group of four womxn inherit the club from one of the original members and carry on the tradition. The trials faced by the womxn are starkly similar – love, pregnancy, social restrictions, marriage, fidelity – all the usual.

This is not a deep book that delves into the angst but is more like your best friend who pours you a glass of wine and just knows. As a female reader the book felt very familiar – it was unnecessary to unpack everything and examine it all – we all know, we know!