by Joyce Carol Oates

My first ever Joyce Carol Oates – how on earth did that happen? You would think I had been living under a rock!
This book will punch you in the gut, repeatedly. But still you will not put it down and walk away.
Violet Rue really has the most awful things happen to her but Oates make it all so believable it is hard not to think this is a memoir.
I was completely absorbed and listened when I should have been working/sleeping/doing so many other things. I even listened on the treadmill forgoing the distraction of music because I was so absorbed.

I found it horribly likely that every single thing that happened to Violet probably actually has happened to a real girl and woman. 12 year olds make decisions they live with forever, whether they want to or not.
Oates will drag you in, wring you out and leave you breathless.

Violet will be with me for a long time.

This is my #popsugarreadingchallenge book for prompt 7: first book I touched with my eyes closed