by Colleen Hoover
#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 3: great first line
I am pretty gruesome so “I hear the crack of his skull before the spattering of the blood reaches me.” is a pretty good first line for me.
I think this book was okay, and that first line may have been the best thing about it.
I liked the premise but I found the characters a little shallow. I don’t read romance much and didn’t even know Hoover was a romance writer and that this book was cross identified as both thriller and romance, so perhaps I expected depth that was never going to happen.
But that also be my anti-romance prejudice showing.
It is hard to review this book and the mechanisations of it without spoilering but it did not blow my socks off and I would not recommend it to many people.
But it is hugely popular so it is probably me, not you.