by Deborah Cadbury, Finty Williams (Narrator)
#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 24: about something I know nothing about; prompt 38: by or about a journalist (Deborah Cadbury is documentary maker which I think counts as a modern day journalist.) I am using it for prompt 38.
#readingwomenreadingchallenge prompt 21: a book about food
I listened to this audiobook almost in one sitting while busy with some physically demanding but completely mindless work. And it was the perfect companion.
This narrative history was both fascinating and well told. I knew nothing about any of the details included in this book – and found it very interesting. Who knew of the link between Quakers and chocolate – and what an odd commodity for such a puritan people to have been involved with. In addition to all the chocolate based facts, I also really loved how Cadbury contextualises everything in the social time at which it happened. It made the whole story so much easier to relate to and understand.
I love that I have a whole bunch of additions to the random information I like to have in my head.
Very consumable book – I can imagine it would be just as easy to read as it was to listen to.
read or listen to it – you’ll be surprised at how interested you actually are.