by Carol Cassella

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 17: medical thriller

Yeah this book was okay. I really wanted to like it but just couldn’t muster more than an ‘it’s okay’.
I was very interested in the basic premise – being the doctor facing the blame for the death of a child must be truly terrifying and awful at every single level.
I was hoping for an exploration of how a doctor might feel and deal with the situation. What I feel I got was quite a whiny Marie who lost my sympathy after a while.
I would expect more mettle from an actual doctor.

I also think this book tried to do too much – the medical thriller part, the romance, the family, the outcome – just too many threads which rather than fleshing the characters out made them seem like layers of paper.

I am also not a fan of thriller where the solution comes out of left field. This is not the only book that has done this so maybe it is the new way. But for me, there needs to be clues of what is actually happening, of the solution, throughout the book. Otherwise it can be anything and the story lack cohesion. and its not fun if, as the reader, you didn’t have a chance of working it out.

So yeah, not really my thing but lots of 5 stars from other readers so clearly its a question of match as opposed to bad writing. This book and I just didn’t match.