by Shonda Rhimes
#popsugareadingchallenge prompt 20: picked because of title
I really liked lots about this book. I liked the rather rambling narrative technique used by Rhimes – it did mean it took a while to get to the point sometimes, but it also meant that I didn’t mind. It felt like a fabulous chat with a friend over cocktails and satisfying junk food.
I really liked how Rhimes unpacked her own fame and humanises herself – as much as it is possible to do so when so extremely successful.
There is always the risk, in this kind of ‘I struggle too’ kind of book to lose the reader. Like really – it is hard to say yes to meeting the Obama’s and sharing space with them! Really??!! But Rhimes does manage to illustrate that famous rich people are people too – with complex lives and their own psychological challenges.
However, I am not sure how useful this book is a motivation to ordinary people. So, yeah, no a self help book but rather a quite focused memoir.
I experienced this an an audiobook, read by the author. She does a great job.