by Heather Rose

#readingwomenreadingchallenge prompt 5: Winner of the Stella Prize

What a book! Wow! I have just so much love for this book.
So many beautiful, harsh, painful, lonely, lovely stories weave their way around Arky Levin as he deals with the unexpected separation from his wife by immersing himself in a rather peculiar art exhibition. (This art exhibition is actually based on a real one that happened in 2010 – apparently.)

As we, the reader, travel with Arky and his awareness of his decisions and the repercussions they have on his life, we also discover the story of Marina Abromovic, the artist in the story and the actual artist of the real life exhibition.
Of course as soon as I realised she was real I went down a tangential wormhole of research about her.

That aside, I loved the way Rose looks at and talks about art – in all its forms. I love how she makes life doable, challenges surmountable, life regrasped, love refound – all without it being twee or schmultzy for even a moment.

A simply beautiful, meaningful and exquisitely written book.