by Joyce Carol Oates

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 8: upside down image on the cover

Two short radio plays with a real punch. Both of these were very moving and also amusing and entertaining.
In the first story a couple seems to meet in a bar in a holiday resort. They way the female character skips and slides around the obnoxious, pompousness of the male character made me both smile and want to cry. The underlying racism was so appalling, in part because it was so familiar.
The reveal at the end made it all so much worse too.

In the second story the parents of a man involved in a tragedy. Their blindness to the ‘facts’ presented to them by the interviewer is so very sad and moving. The way the interviewer bullies them with complicated convoluted questions is also very moving – these two bewildered people facing a really horrible reality never stood a chance.

Very touching and disturbing plays, both of them. Worth reading, without a doubt.