by Chloe Caldwell

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 12: passes the Bechdel test

What an absolutely delightful, wonderful, powerful, emotional book this is. I just loved it.

Told from the pov on the unnamed narrator, this book shares her experience of falling in love with a woman for the first time. It is also her first sexual relationship with a woman so the physical passion and emotional tumbling are interwoven.
In addition to being about the sexual confusion and realization the narrator experiences this book also looks at other relationships between women – friendships, daughterhood, motherhood – and about falling in love.
Falling in love is the same regardless of who you are and with/for whom you fall. The boundary crossing, pain, joy, sexual zip – all of these things are universal and all of them are very present in this book.
I smiled at remembering my own falling, crashing, hurting and healing.
Lovely – and certainly not my only Caldwell. I am very keen to explore what else she has written.