by Lucinda Hawksley

Jennifer M. Dixon (Narrator)

#readingwomenreadingchallenge prompt 15: A biography

This was surprisingly interesting and kept me engaged from the start.
Princess Louise was Queen Victoria’s sixth child and had a childhood unlike that which you would expect for a princess. No Disney fantasy this life. Treated appallingly by her mother, who sounds like a awful woman with some real issues, and then marrying a man who it seems quite likely was gay and not really interested in her, Louise spent most of her life trying to escape the shackles of expectations.

An artistic, creative, forward thinker, Louise was born a good few decades early. In addition to being a sculptor, something considered inappropriate for girls in those days, she believed in equal education for both girls and boys, and the rich and the poor, good medical care for everyone and freedom for women.

A fascinating look at an unexpectedly difficult life with a tricky and domineering mother.
This book has sent me off to find a good biography of Queen Victoria too.

Dixon is easyto listen too and does a great job narrating this book.