by Deborah Cadbury
#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 24: on a subject I know nothing about

This was a really interesting book about the son of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. He was 8 when his mother was beheaded, imprisoned in Temple Tower and facing the most awful abuse as a result of the populace’s hatred for his parents.
Two years later he was declared dead. And so began the 200-year long mystery – was the dead boy Louis XVII or a replacement child. For decades other people claimed to be the child, all grown up. Some of these impostors were believed and supported by sections of the population, while others were clearly lying.
More than 200 years after his death, a stolen heart and modern DNA finally settled to question of whether Louis XVII died in 1795 or not.

This book was about so many things I knew nothing about – the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette, the Lost King.
It was fascinating.