by Rose McGowen
#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 14: author with flora or fauna in their name
I found this book very interesting. I knew very little of Rose McGowen’s story and found it fascinating. She grew up in a cult and likens Hollywood to be the second cult to get its hands on her.
Abused, assaulted, blacklisted and mistreated, McGowen had a pretty crappy time in Hollywood – and her point is that this is the experience of so many woman.
She is understandably angry and indignant and hurt. As should we all be for the way Hollywood, and society, treats girls and woman. But she is also very brave – some thing so few people are in the face of greater forces and fear.
What I hated was that my own brainwashing made me think at times that she was being a bit whiny. How awful that I am so indoctrinated as to hear a fellow woman voice her strong, reasonable and based in actual experience opinion, and think it whiny!
This book will make you think! And everyone should read it.
The author narrates the audiobook admirably.