by Octavia E. Butler

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 16: A book with a book on the cover

This is my first Butler and I doubt my last. I found this book engaging and challenging. It made me think while sweeping me along.
In this dystopian world, Lauren and her ever increasing group of people set off for safety and more opportunity after a fire devastates her community.
The world she lives in is a harsh one – water is expensive, law and order non-existent, jobs hard to come by and opportunities scarce. Despite growing up in this world Lauren has a dream for a future kind of society. This is, in part , because of her ‘gift’ – hyper empathy or the ability to feel what others feel.
Written in the 90s what then seemed a very far fetched future now seems possible if not probable. Scary stuff indeed

I am going to have to get the next one in the series to see what happens – so job well done really