by Lydia Millet

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 1: published in 2020

What a very odd book that I could not stop listening to. The slide of the two sets of characters from the start of the book to the end is fantastical and also so very believable – for the most part.
The kids are super mature but then they do have rather odd lives, even at the start of the story. The adults are deeply immature and I did struggle a little with their lack of regard for their kids at the start.
As a post climate change, post collapse of capitalism post the crumbling of society this book is very gripping and quite scary. And under all of that is hope in the younger generation – however they do it, survive they shall.

As an audiobook this fell a little short because the narrator seemed bored throughout. But that is no fault of the book at all.
Millet will certainly be on my radar from now on – I want to see what else she has done.