by Eimear McBride

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 25: a book with only words on the cover

For some reason this book is on the Popsugar list as a book with a made up language. It does not have a made up language at all so I had to reallocate it within the challenge. Annoying in principle but I’m okay with it only because I really enjoyed this book.

It is a weird book, and was such a rollercoaster that at times I felt white-knuckled and at others I felt gently carried along until the next major upset.

The almost stream of consciousnesses writing works very well in this book. I think it could very easily have devolved into noise and nonsense but it never did. It often felt like flowing prose, a series of waves and crashes it was impossible to escape.

I absolutely loved this book and found the clash between method and content outstanding. Brutality, cruelness, death, rape, disrespect, and general awfulness shared with such beautiful words and in such an outstanding method.

simply stunning