by Sarah Gailey

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 37: A western

I read this book only because I needed to read a western and needed an author who was not a white man – essentially. And then when I started reading I thought ‘wait, I recognise this voice’ so I checked My Books out and realised I already love Gailey.
So it was like finding a treat where it was least expected. Cos let’s be honest, i had zero desire to read about cowboys and beans cooked on an open fire. and I don’t care enough to read more modern man-written westerns to find out if my preconceived ideas are wrong.

But on to this fabulous little book. I love how Gailey has alternate lifestyles and choices simply as how things are – no fuss no fanfare. Characters are allowed to be whomever they wish, to love whomever they wish and to use the pronouns that make sense to them. Just to be themselves, all within the story.

This story is set in the just now future and Esther escapes an arranged marriage after having to witness the public hanging of her female lover. She hides in the wagon of the Librarians, the crew of women who wander around disseminating the approved reading material.
Only of course that is not what they are really doing or who they really are. These queer women are fighting fascism and restrictions while pretending to be all sorts of approved things.
I just loved the Librarians and Esther’s slow realization of where she has actually landed up.

Please let there be this group of badass women when society goes to shit. We will need them.

Another Gailey wonder. Yay and thanks