by Ruth Ozeki

#popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 45: set in Japan

I really liked this book. The audiobook is read by Ozeki and she does an amazing job.
I like the narrative technique of two stories in one, linked but also independent. I found the movement in geography and time executed perfectly – as expected from Ozeki. She is so very good at moving around but keeping the reader exactly where she wants them.
I reveled in how seamlessly things got weird and magical and no longer followed the laws of time and distance. It seemed so obvious that I simply accepted it and only afterwards thought ‘wooow – wait a minute’

In addition to the to obvious stories (Nao in Tokyo and Ruth in Canada) there are also the parallel stories of Nao and her father, living through the same experiences but experiencing them so differently, Nao and her Buddhist great-grandmother experiencing the same summer from different points of view and then sharing the beauty of it, and Ruth, her husband and Pesto – all living together but seeing their own version of the world. Rather than make the book feel cluttered all of these experiences made it feel clean but full and realistic. When one tale was being told I was completely absorbed but when the next one started I felt like an old friend had walked into the room.

Another Ozeki masterpiece