by Karin Slaughter

popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 27: Featuring a deadly sin

In this thriller we find lust, pride, wrath and greed. All the components that make people hurt or kill each other really.
Lots of twists and turns and redirections in this book made it quite gripping but also had me wondering at times why certain elements were included. I almost feel like Slaughter’s books are too full – too many details we don’t need, too many parallel or unimportant threads which muddy the water.
This may be because I haven’t read them all so perhaps I am missing the personal connections she has created with her readers. But I do sometimes think that I don’t care about that (whatever detail it is) – get on with the story dammit.

This one has kidnapped people, cults, pedophiles, bacterial warfare, romance and manifestos.
So yeah – it is full, so very full.

I was very interested in the central story and how it unfolded. Slaughter is certainly very good at revealing a story. will keep going back to Slaughter because for me they are easy reads that still engage and entertain me