by Therese Anne Fowler

popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 44: set in the 1920s

I knew very little about either Fitzgerald. I have never read Zelda’s more famous husband and didn’t even consider that there was a wife.
All of that being said, I really enjoyed this book and have found myself interested in all of the characters, their relationships and the whole period of history. So job well done Fowler.
The author has explained that while this is a novel it is very closely based on research of the lives of the Fitzgerald’s and the others in their social circle.

I really enjoyed the depth Fowler gives Zelda. This truly is her story within what must have been a flurry of social sycophancy around the artists of the day. How women survived the expectations on them in the 1920s without stabbing a man is beyond me.
I love the feistiness of Zelda and was saddened by how it was controlled, oppressed and denied. I do wonder who she would have been had she been born a century later.

I enjoyed this enough to want to investigate both the author and the subject matter further.