by Isabel Allende

readingwomenreadingchallenge a book by Isabel Allende

This book is exactly why I do these reading challenges. I have somehow missed Allende for all these years and am so very happy to have found her.
I really liked this book. I loved all of the characters, flaws and all. The book is populated with real people in complicated relationships.
There were so many threads and stories going on, woven around the mysteries Amanda and her group of odd teens are working at solving. This book felt like a mini series and makes me want to read (or possibly fan fiction write) each character’s story outside of the book. They are all too big to be contained in just this book.

As far as the mystery is concerned, I really didn’t think it was the main energy of the book at all. For me, this was a modern fiction book about relationships and life choices, and a mystery happened.
I will certainly be reading more Allende now that I have discovered her.