by Ali Smith

readingwomenreadingchallenge prompt 19: recommended to me

This is just a most beautifully written poignant book that make me smile and sign and even feel a bit sad.
The friendship between Elisabeth and Daniel is so lovely I felt jealous of it, and homesick for something I didn’t even know I was lacking.
There isn’t really much of a plot to this book; there is barely even a time line. And yet it moves so smoothly between lives and times and realities that never once does the reading jar more than the content.
And jar the content does. Smith deals with all sorts of very interesting questions and comments – Brexit, racism, sexism, the ownership of women, societal (and parental) expectations of children, and differently, of sons and daughters, art, love, friendship, life and death.
This book is big and carries so much but is experienced as easy and light and gentle.
Possibly like an autumn leaf.

I am so glad there are three more in the group of seasonal books Smith has written.