by Joan Didion

popsugarreadingchallenge prompt 34 meant to read in 2019

I have been meaning to read Didion for ages actually. I am not sure this was the best to read as my first Didion as it is not a novel and so is probably quite different from her creative work.
That being said, this book is painful and raw and really very moving.

The titular year is truly a terrible year for Didion – her husband dies and her daughter faces massive medical issues. Her grief is palpable and her coping mechanisms are so deeply saddening. She talks in the beginning about how she was waiting for him to come back – the emptiness she felt swept from the page and right into my being.

She shares the details of her life before and after John’s death, and within the detailing of her life after his death, and their life before his death, shares those moments that make life worth living and also inevitably painful. But also so worth it.

Beautiful, meaningful, deep and very moving