‘Oh cummon Susan’, said Alice. ‘You know you want to!’

Susan signed and got up. ‘Fuck Alice, every weekend. You’ve got a problem.’


Ten minutes later Alice was on her way to the White Rabbit pub. Her connection would be there, waiting with the goods.

Walking down the dark corridor to the pub toilets, her stash in her sweaty hand, Alice smiled. Life was about to get better.  A long slow sip of her drink sent liquid gold through her veins.  She felt the world spin away from her, the walls receding as she reached the door.  She sat on the closed toilet and exhaled slowly. In a few short seconds, nothing would matter anymore; she would be able to vanish, creeping beneath social radar and be safe with her secret.

Again she smiled when she slid the square of cardboard out of envelope; the cupcake design amusing to her. Her lips parted for the morsel and she slowly sucked the goods.

As she left the toilets, the trickle of altered reality began to seep into her consciousness. A running tap consumed her and she stood staring as the basin overflowed; the water running over her feet and into her shoes.

‘What the hell?’ she asked an advert on the wall. The mouse in the picture stared back at her, silent. The other animals on the poster began to run around, leaping off the wall and scampering away.

Shaking her head, Alice walked back into the pub.

‘Come with me,’ said her dealer. ‘We’re going to my house.’

Unable to resist, Alice left the White Rabbit with him.

Later that night, still unable to control her sense of self, she lay next to the dealer. Looking at his naked body, penis like a caterpillar draped on his thigh, she felt like the Queen of Hearts.

He turned to her and smiled, his teeth whitely visible in the night against his dark skin.

‘Now that was some trip into wonderland,’ he said as he reached over to light his hooka.

inspired by artwork by Jeftoon01 Source: http://jeftoon01.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d265ukf

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