As a writer, editor and publisher of English medium textbooks in South Africa, I have become more and more aware over the years how tricky a language this is. We say all sorts of things which make no sense or which mean something completely different from what the words might indicate.

I also recently decided that I refused to think that I can’t draw just because I am not van Gogh or Picasso. So I started drawing stickfigures.

Combine these two facts and   I am doing a daily series of images that look at the weird things we say in English that make it so hard for non-first language speakers. We use puns all the time without even noticing – we just call them homonyms, homophones and/or homographs

The point of them  is for people to work out (or not) what the English saying is – just to make us realise we speak a complicated language and to remember to have compassion for those for whom it is not their mother tongue

So here is one:

arm and a leg

Do you know what it means?