Mary clutched the flyer in her hand. The bitten nails, painted black, stark against the red paper. The white writing proclaiming a need for models a lie she chose to pretend to believe.

Alice in Wonderland like you have never seen her

‘Oh cummon Susan’, said Alice. ‘You know you want to!’

Susan signed and got up. ‘Fuck Alice, every weekend. You’ve got a problem.’


Ten minutes later Alice was on her way to the White Rabbit pub. Her connection would be there, waiting with the goods. Read more


Red snapped the suspended buckle onto her red stockings and straightened up. She smoothed the three inches of skirt she was wearing over her thighs and slid into her leather boots. Her breasts bulged under the tight lacy blouse she had squeezed into and readjusted to maximise the effect. She checked her basket and smiled at the contents. The chequered blanket went over the top and she tucked it in tightly.

She heard Wolf’s motorbike before he even turned into the street. He was early; she knew he would be.

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