Ten kilometres! I walked 10 kilometres. and I wasn’t even trying to get deep into the woods to bury a body, i was walking for fun! 10 kilometres is a very long way
Charles and I did the ECR (local radio station) charity Big Walk on Sunday and we chose the 10km walk.
It was actually quite fun but it was hot and did I mention how far 10km is?
It took us 1 hour 46 minutes and my ankles hurt the same at the start as at the end – so that must be a good, right
There were over 30 000 people walking in the four options so a pile of money raised for charity
Photos are of us fresh before the walk and then at the finish. I went from pale skinned human to swollen strawberry face; Charles, on the other hand, looks exactly the same.
Let’s all collectively give him the side-eye for a second

It was fun and I am so glad I could do it, even on my no carb no sugar eating thing.
Monday will be a no walk day as I wait for my toenails to regrow

pre big walk

Fresh faced

post big walk

Fresh strawberry