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headache had me on my knees

Aaaaah, the headache. The day three headache. The ‘where the fuck is my sugar’ headache. The headache that makes you realise that sugar clearly does something to your brain, and makes you not care at all, that’s how much you want some. The headache that makes you understand why druggies sell kidneys for a hit. The headache that makes you question this whole stupid bloody thing.

For me, the fact that the lack of sugar gives me such a headache is why I need to do this. I need not to be a slave to the sugar, a slave who thought she was a free person making her own decisions. Obviously not if just two and a bit days of no sugar can make me want to kill my partner for simply being there, in his chair, in our living room. How very dare he!!!!!

By 4pm I decided that I no longer had to power through the headache (not sure why I thought I wasn’t allowed pain killers) and I finally took a headache tablet. Sweet relief. In hindsight, I am glad I didn’t mask the pain until it became a question of social sanity, because I need to know and remember what sugar does to me. I don’t want to have to kick it again so the best thing would be to not start eating it again.

But I say that at the start of Day 4 – let’s check that attitude until Day 28 shall we? Easy to be brave when strong.

My meals:


Left over livers and onion, mash potato cake, poached eggs and tomatoes


Salad with lamb ribbies


prawns with veg cabbage (instead of rice)

Not the easiest day but 10% done

On I go

Sweet potato rosti

Some people have asked if I would share the recipes of some of the meals I have been making on my #whole30 journey

They are less recipes than simple instructions on how to make an item or a meal – I make it up as I go along mostly.

So – here is how to make the sweet potato rosti I had with left over fish for breakfast today.

You need:

sweet potato. It goes further than you think – one little one was more than enough for me

egg. I needed one only

seasoning – whatever floats your boat. If you are mid #whole30 then you may well find the sweet potato exactly that, sweet, so season more than you might have in the old days. Some chili would also help to cut the sweetness. I found them so sweet I am planning a sweet potato rosti dessert!

You do. (Prepare to be underwhelmed at how hard this is)

Grate the potato.

Season it

Stir in an egg and mix well

Heat a little oil in a flat based frying pan. When it is hot but not crazy hot, put a spoon of the rosti mix onto the oil. Use the back of the spoon to squish it down into a rosti and not a potato ball.

Allow to cook on one side and flip when it seemed to be stuck together. Do this gently and not too soon. I actually waited until I could see that the strands of sticky-out potato were browned. If you do it too soon, just flip back over and be patient.

I had mine with cold, flaked fish but they would be pretty awesome under a runny egg with some bacon too.




#100happydays Day 12

People often tell my boyfriend he is living the dream – he gets to live with a professional cook, one who feeds people for a living.

‘aah, the wonders you must taste’ they sigh

‘i bet you eat like royalty’ they muse

‘all those experiments, in your face’ they lament

‘i wish it was me, can i come live with you?’ they ask

Well ha ha ha I say, the joke is on you

We eat a ridiculous number of packets of pop corn, a lot of niknaks, a fair amount of bread and many many meals from our local pub. Because after 8 hours on my feet cooking for others, and after we have spick and spanned the kitchen, there is NO WAY IN HELL i am making a mess again . Uh uh – not ever.

How many of you get home from work and then do it all again for fun? Maybe the two or three hookers I know, but no one else, let’s be honest.

Spreadsheets for fun before dinner – I think not.

(well, unless you are one of the hookers obviously)

Aaaaanyway, the point of all this rambling is that today I decided to make a breakfast of sorts. I do try on the weekend and muffins dirty only a few things so i can cope.

I made bacon and cheese, with cayenne pepper, muffins – and they were delicious

Served with a mint pickle I get from an Auntie in Stanger – they made me happy

#100happydays happy12