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this week’s ‘can’t believe’ post  looks at the use of cluster bombs on civilian targets

Cluster bombs are nasty little bastards! They are explosive weapons that eject smaller submunitions – like bloody huge grenades with hair triggers.

If dropped from planes they are fitted with parachutes to slow their decent down. This it to make sure the planes gets out of the way before the mother of all explosions occurs!

According to wiki: ‘Because cluster bombs release many small bomblets over a wide area they pose risks to civilians both during attacks and afterwards. During attacks the weapons are prone to indiscriminate effects, especially in populated areas. After a conflict unexploded bomblets can kill or maim civilians long after a conflict has ended. Unexploded submunitions are costly to locate and remove.’ So in addition to peppering an entire area with lots of little bombs, cluster bombs may not all actually explode until some kid finds them, years later, and loses a face!

They are horrible weapons of war which were prohibited in 2008. The funny thing about these kinds of prohibitions is that only the countries that agree to the ban are required to comply with it. Gotta love that! Talk about preaching to the choir!

There have been several incidents of cluster bombs being used in war, but for me the worst confirmed incident was on Beirut, Lebanon. It is certainly the incident which resulted in the most civilian deaths; and seems like a gross over reaction.

In 2006, Israel responded to the kidnapping of 2 Israeli soldiers by bombing the crap out of Beirut – using cluster bombs. 44 civilians died including 15 children. In 2009 the maps of where the bombs were dropped were finally handed over by Israel.

That means that in addition to the 44 people killed immediately, civilians have been living around unexploded bombs for 3 years. The United Nations thinks there may be as many as 100 000 lurking, waiting to explode!

I don’t care about the historical elements of the battle between Hezbollah guerrillas and Israel; I do not care to entertain argument about who was right or wrong or entitled or started it. What I find deeply shocking is that ANY human being would use weapons like that against any other human being. Whether or not we are ‘legally entitled to’, the argument Israel used to defend their action, is beside the point. That we are so depraved a species that we would even consider the legality and never even mention the morality of this kind of action is what I simply can’t believe

….can’t believe!……

can’t believe – banning

This is a new idea i have
i shall be writing blogs about things i can’t believe happen
although i know they do

Banning people

To ban something means to prohibit its existence
Movies are banned because the message they send are considered inappropriate for public consumption
Songs are banned because words in the lyrics are not considered acceptable
Books are banned cos they say things the powers that be do not want the public hearing

Banning is a tool of censorship and it happens everywhere

Banned articles are not allowed to be bought or owned. It is illegal even to listen to banned songs or to read banned books.

That which is banned is supposed to cease to exist

So how the hell do you ban a person?

In the dark old days of South Africa people who had political views which opposed that of the Nat government were banned. Not the organisation they belonged to or the texts they wrote – the actual person.

What is a banned person to do? Vanish? Cease to exist? Stop thinking?

People spent years in a state of ‘bannedness’. They could not meet with more than one other person – ever. So no family get-togethers; no church gatherings; no having a drink with mates.
They were not allowed to speak to the media. They were barely allowed to exist, officially.

Political house arrest

Except house arrest is an understandable state of being

But banned!!!!

How is a human being banned, like an offensive song or book.

Can’t believe!