Hard Candy Hmmm – potentially an interesting movie this one. It tackles the idea of personally meted out vengeance for illegal activity. This essential concept is couched in the experience of paedophile and young girl, so it’s layered with all sorts of emotions.


I must admit i was bored in parts of this movie and i think it misses its mark often. It’s way too easy to like the man and feel some empathy for him as a human being. And i found it very hard to like the girl. These conflicting emotions, the opposite of what we are expected to feel, i think set the movie too far away from me for it to really work. At the end i still did not much like the girl and cannot condone what she does. I understand her motivation but am just as afraid of her walking the streets as i would be a paedophile.


That being said, the actress who plays the young girl is good. As is the actor who gets to be the Jeff, the photographing whack-job. The two of them are on screen the entire time and they do pull it off. His emotions are completely believable and unfortunately he is easy to side with for most of the film. But not so easy that i felt any guilt for doing so. It’s some feat to have a suspected paedophile be more likeable than a planned (and possibly previous) victim. Not one i’d have thought the movie wanted to achieve.


The end of the movie is quite horrific in some ways. But sadly, i still didn’t like the character i was supposed to relate to. I dunno what the point of the movie was. If we were to all be cheering the girl on she should’ve been more approachable as a characters. It’s so easy to instil sympathy in an audience for abused girls – but this film doesn’t. Are we to feel the humanity of the paedophile? Cos his is touched on but not so much so that there is an ‘aha – he is human too’ moment. So it feels like the movie does nothing when it could have done at least one of so many things.


 Naaah – a kak movie in my opinion. Which is a surprise cos so many people who know me quite well thought i’d really be glad to have seen it. It was a letdown and i want my money back!