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Last night’s dinner was a winner winner chicken dinner – both literally and idiomatically.

So today’s post is a recipe

Roast chicken portions in coconut curry sauce


This may be the easiest meals you will ever make that has the maximum impact. Feel free to pretend it was way harder than it is

The first prize recipe is obvs the best option, but the options in brackets are actually fine too – just do what you can.

So, you need:

Chicken portions. I use thighs and legs but breasts would work too. Wings may not work so well but they wouldn’t be bad. And you want skin on portions.

A can of coconut milk

1 tsp curry paste. I used green thai curry paste but you could use anything.

1 stalk lemon grass, cleaned and bashed flat  (if you don’t have, don’t panic)

1 or 2 limes – use the juice and the zest  (again, if you don’t have limes you could use lemons. Fresh is the best option but I don’t think the bottled stuff would run the meal.)

1 tsp fish sauce (this gives the meal a deep, satisfying seasoning without blasting your blood pressure through the roof with salt. But salt is okay too)

1 or 2 potatoes – grated (I added this to make the sauce thicker. You could leave it out if you are anti potato, just know the sauce will remain the consistency of the coconut milk)

salt and pepper to your liking.


You do:


In a bowl, mix the coconut milk, all the other bits and pieces (not the chicken) and the grated potato. Put this mixture in an oven proof bowl or casserole. Put the chicken pieces in, skin side up with the skin showing above the sauce. I like to spray the skin with some olive oil and sprinkle it with salt to up the crispiness but that’s not entirely necessary

Put it all in the oven at 180 for about an hour, until the chicken is cooked


And there you have it – roasted chicken portions in a coconut curry sauce


I served it with cauli/broc rice with beans.


You can make it even more of a one dish meal by putting veg in, around the chicken,

about half way through the cooking. Cauliflower florets, broccoli florets, beans and even baby marrows would quite happily cook partly submerged in the sauce at the same temperature.

And if you are really determined to do a one pot dish, once the chicken is cooked, take the chicken (and veg if you added them) out of the sauce, and stir cous cous into it. Leave for a few minutes and your starch and sauce will be one lovely, gloopy taste sensation. If you plan to do this, omit the potato as the cous cous will do the thickening for you


There you have it – an easy, adaptable recipe which is very tasty and truly quick to make

mini taster menu

Cooking is definitely an infectious enthusiasm. People experiment with cooking because others around them do. It’s a state of being that is spread by heart to mouth contact I think.

But enough of that kind of vomitious prose.

The point of it is that, in addition to having a third person in the Stalk MasterChef SA game, tonight David and I and a third friend are holding a mini dinner party just cos we want to try cooking things we haven’t cooked before. (This third person is not the MasterChef 3rd so the cooking group is growing.)


Louis suggested this evening – the original plan was one course each. It was then decided that we would each do a main course, just a small portion thereof. So it’s kinda of like a mini taster menu.

I got veggies, Louis got chicken and David got red meat. Well, to be honest, David grabbed red meat in his grubby little closet-farmer hands and would not let it go. He thinks it’s all he can cook – silly man!

(A closet-farmer is someone who wears trennery but would happily each meat and starch every day of his life.)


This may be fun. And if it is – we will do it every month or so.

chicken and broccoli bake

The shops were conspiring against me yesterday. I was unable to find bits for all four meals planned for this week. And it is not as if I was looking for foie gras or squirrel droppings – I couldn’t find spinach, cauliflower, parsley and fennel! Have you ever. And I even live in a city and everything!!!

So the chicken bake planned for tonight was had last night because I had most of the bits and pieces I needed.

They were: chicken breasts, broccoli, bacon, the usual oil, garlic etc, and cheese.

To start I put a whole head of broccoli (cut into pieces obviously) into salted boiling water for about 2 minutes. Drained it went into the bottom of an over proof dish.

I cut the skinless boneless breasts into chunks and browned them in oil and butter with a bit of garlic. I took themand  the garlic bits out with a slotted spoon and put it all on top of the broccoli. I had already fried some bacon bits to crispiness and scattered those over the chicken. You wouldn’t need to do this but the recipe is from the 70s and 80s so it is to be expected really. (Actually this recipe book includes bacon in almost everything – not that I am complaining.)

Using the same pan with all that lovely flavoured butter/oil I made a roux and then stirred in 250ml chicken stock, 200ml milk and 15ml lemon juice, all warmed up. Into this white sauce I put a little grated cheese and mixed herbs. I couldn’t find parsley so that bit of the recipe I pretended not to see.

The sauce went over the chicken, bacon and broccoli and the whole lot went into a 160 oven for about an hour. I then checked it to add a little more cheese and was worried it was a bit runny. I made boiled baby potatoes so we could smash them and soak up the juice. Good thinking that was, Batman.

15 minutes after the addition of the cheese the food was ready to go.

My camera is on the verge of collapse and is struggling to focus so this was as good a pic as I could get. Next time I think I may include some mushrooms, and serve with a green veg, assuming the shops are over their persecution of me and actually have what I need on their shelves.

Just cos you think they are after you, doesn’t mean they are not.

feta and pepperdew chicken

I have decided to see what cutting carbs out of my diet will do for my IBS and general sense of well-being. Seeing as I am in Cape Town and away from my normal routine for almost 3 weeks I thought it was a good time to do this now.

I may well be eating carbs I don’t know about, hidden in baby carrots or bananas, but don’t tell me okay.  The point is that I am not eating any obvious carbs which is enough I think.


It does make eating a little challenging – who know how basic a role carbs plays in so many meals.

Today I bought the Pick n Pay magazine Fresh Living and used one of the recipes I found.


I bought skinless, boneless chicken breasts, a small packet of feta and some pepperdews.  I crumbled the feta cheese and chopped some pepperdews into it. I added one of those freebie packets on Robinson Italian Herbs paste and a bit of dried Italian herbs too. A drop of olive oil made it all stick together nicely.  I sliced pockets into the chicken breasts and stuffed each with some of the mixture. They went onto a lightly greased baking tray and into a pre-heated oven at 180 degree C oven


20 minutes later I made a salad (no potatoes) and sliced 2 breasts up. And this is it

Very nice and uber filling.

Day 2 of carb free eating done and dusted. Feeling good but windy like a cowboy on beanfest night!