I work with writers every day, all bloody day. Some (and by that I mean very very few) are actually professional and a pleasure to work with. Some others (and by that I mean almost every single one) are a nightmare with an attitude problem and an ego which is so far out of proportion in terms of their skills that I am surprised they are not stopped at airport security to explain the odd bulge.

But skill and professionalism can be honed and beaten into people, respectively.

What has shocked me in the most recent project I have been involved with is the dishonesty, lack of integrity, willingness to steal and complete disrespect for the ownership others have of their IP displayed by this bunch of authors.

Were someone to steal even half a sentence of theirs and not pay them a share of royalties earned these authors would be on their high horse, galloping to court faster than the ink could dry on the printing press. But they feel it is okay to lift huge chunks of information from online sources with not even a nod or a wink. No ‘adapted from’ or ‘source….’included. Nope, just text trying to masquerade as original thought. And the morons occasionally don’t even bother to remove the hyperlinks!!


I am not sure whether to be angry because they think I am too stupid to notice, or angry because their lazy dishonesty will put the project, and therefore my job, in jeopardy. I think I am actually angry because this industry is so small what one person does reflects on all of us.

Theft is theft – be it a cd, a wallet, a car or intellectual property

Have some respect you pigs!