May 17th is not an easy day for my family and others. It is a day that, sadly, commemorates death. It is easy to say that a person’s life should be celebrated rather than their death, but the day they died will always have power.

In my attempt, not to diminish my loss and the waste of a life, but rather to recreate happy memories to share the sad ones n this day, I try, when i can, to make May 17th a day with some joy in it too.

It is one of the dates included in a most epic weekend I had years ago with friends; a weekend that still has a name

It is the birthday of a friend of mine and she deserves it to have happy energy

It is the birthday of a friend of mine’s child – and he too deserves good energy

Last year it was the day we got Ozzie, my little canine game changer

And this year I decided to make it about our relatively new home. We went to the nursery, bought flowers and seedlings and soil, and i spent a happy afternoon in my front garden

When I drive in and out of the property it makes me smile

So on this happy day I say cheers to Stephen, I miss you, I love you, I wish you were still here

But cheers also to a happy day – cos he’d kick my butt if i simply wallowed20150517_130710 20150517_125727 20150517_125702 20150517_125650