emotional post

I may be white but I consider myself African

I think the people who leave must fuck off – it’s our duty as Africans to rebuild this nation of ours

We reaped while it was ‘good’ (for us) and now we must be part of the hard work to make it good for everyone

I get angry when I am called European – I am African

But sometimes I think Africa is fucked

And it is fucked by Africans.

I have been involved in some work for a few neighbouring countries – and the crap that teachers want included in text books is terrifying. Misinformation, anti-African bias and just plain nonsense – and this is what the teachers think the kids deserve to know. What chance does a kid at school have of ever getting a job when the teacher teaches that if you are bewitched you will never get a job! I am not knocking traditional beliefs, but cummon – give the kid some hope, some skills, even some idea of how to behave in an interview. Don’t just teach (in a text book) that if you are bewitched you are fucked so don’t even try!

Seriously, that was in a book I had (obviously) to rewrite.

Then some research I helped collate showed that teachers in the Eastern Cape think it is pointless trying to teach the kids to read and write because they are not going to get jobs anyway. Now I do know that unemployment in the EC is frighteningly high, but again, let’s at least equip the kids with a chance. And this attitude from an educated person from the area who is employed!

Or maybe they are employed not because of their education but because they are not bewitched!

And what’s with Ubuntu se arse! Ubuntu but only if I like you or you come from the same piece of land I do or we speak the same language. No ubuntu if you are trying to make a living in South Africa after escaping war in your own land, perhaps even a land which housed our exiled ‘terrorists’ when they were escaping our war. No Unbuntu even if you have been here 45 years but were born on foreign soil.

And its not all about black people for you racists out there. White South Africans loved this land when we could have three maids and a garden ‘boy’, but now that some work is required, millions have packed their bags and hauled out ancestoral passports and fucked off. They do not deserve to be called African – ever again! The runners have taken their skills and their children, the future of this country, away. They do not deseve to be allowed back.

Africans are Africa’s own worst enemies.

When will we stop fucking our own people up and actually start making this continent into what it could be?