by Jo Nesbo
This is the book I read for Book 5. Nordic noir.
I have read some Nordic noir previously, without knowing it was even a genre. And this fits perfectly in that style of writing.
Not a great deal actually happens, it is slow and detailed, and there is weather. There is always snow and/or sun or darkness, and/or weather. And lots and lots of space.
All of these factors create a harsh but beautiful backdrop for the stories of this genre.
This particular story is about a man who runs from a real drug kingpin because he owes him money and corpse, and hides in the middle of nowhere far north of anywhere sensible.
I enjoyed the story – it is quick to read and pulls you in. I was invested in the characters.
I thought the end of the book was rushed and less than believable. It felt like it was tied up too quickly and too neatly and I didn’t really buy it all.
But I’ll read another Nesbo for sure – perhaps one of his Harry Hole novels as I have read they are deeper and more complex.
An easy read of a genre I really want to explore more – which is the point of the challenge really.