Some people have asked if I would share the recipes of some of the meals I have been making on my #whole30 journey

They are less recipes than simple instructions on how to make an item or a meal – I make it up as I go along mostly.

So – here is how to make the sweet potato rosti I had with left over fish for breakfast today.

You need:

sweet potato. It goes further than you think – one little one was more than enough for me

egg. I needed one only

seasoning – whatever floats your boat. If you are mid #whole30 then you may well find the sweet potato exactly that, sweet, so season more than you might have in the old days. Some chili would also help to cut the sweetness. I found them so sweet I am planning a sweet potato rosti dessert!

You do. (Prepare to be underwhelmed at how hard this is)

Grate the potato.

Season it

Stir in an egg and mix well

Heat a little oil in a flat based frying pan. When it is hot but not crazy hot, put a spoon of the rosti mix onto the oil. Use the back of the spoon to squish it down into a rosti and not a potato ball.

Allow to cook on one side and flip when it seemed to be stuck together. Do this gently and not too soon. I actually waited until I could see that the strands of sticky-out potato were browned. If you do it too soon, just flip back over and be patient.

I had mine with cold, flaked fish but they would be pretty awesome under a runny egg with some bacon too.