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when i reinvented myself at 45 and decided to cook for a living, one of the decisions I made was to use as few processed items as possible. To this end, we make our own stock, our own breads and even our own ‘tinned’ tomatoes.

We hardly ever use our tin opener at all

Tomatoes have been stupid expensive of late so it was with great joy that I saw this when shopping

We also have a new freezer so trays and trays of tomatoes are waiting to be roasted, blitzed and turned into ‘tinned’ tomatoes with nothing other than tomatoes in them.


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pepper steak pie

i cooked again – i do love to cook

i have realised that i am of the slow cook variety  – i like stuff that takes a while. none of this instant stuff in a bag for me. if i have no time i defrost one of my frozen slow meals i made when i did have time. this is a luxury i plan for and hang onto – this slow cooking


anyway – today was pepper steak pie

here are the indgredients


i used chuck so it was cheap too. buying the small bottle of brandy and a single beer has added to the impression the local off licence staff have that i am a drunk. and a poor one at that. oh well!


I tossed the meat chunks in flour that i seasoned and then put that and the onion in a pot. Browned it and removed the meat. Then i deglazed the pot with with the brandy and added the beer, stock powder, water and pepper. Mixed the whole lot up, put it in an over proof pot thingie and let it do its thing at 180 for about 45 minutes.


while that was bubbling away, my nephew and i made short crust pasrty. and i have to admit that i have final given up trying to make short crust pastry in debben. its the frozen variety from now on. it’s just to humid to get it to work well here, even my marble rolling pin and board didn’t facilitate thin enough pastry at the end.

but my nephew had fun making it and i did use it.

i took the meat mix and spooned it into individual ramekins.

the pastry went over the top and i poked a hole in it.

back into the over for 30 minutes and nom nom nom

the filling was awesomeness. the pastry a little thick but we broke it into bits and mooshed it into the filling. a success served with salad and baby potatoes

they woudn’t let me photograph the meal – everyone tucked in while i was running to get my camera 😦


i got the recipe (cos i never claimed to be able to cook) from a Pick n Pay hand out. for brand new cooks (as i realised i am no longer) the recipe leaves out bits. i filled them in just cos i know a little bit about what to do in a kitchen but some one who knew nothing may have been confused. The sauce around the meat also needed thickening.

but a good little handout anyway – thanks PnP


i did do some other cooking today – but that will have to wait. it’s a surprise you see