I have a friend who is pinterest mad

I don’t get pinterest really but I like to write

so this weekend we decided she would send me a pinterest pic everyday and I would write something/anything about it. It is always nice to get some inspiration or direction for my random writing.

Here is the first attempt – with apologies to the person who wore the outfit and/or pinterested it first

The jeans slid over narrow hips and over the slightly curved buttocks. Zip up and a slight wriggle and they were comfortable. The padded lacy vest added interest where nature had been unkind. Peeping out from beneath a silky white shirt the delicate bow said sexy but still innocent enough to be a girl. Yellow sparkles under the neck drew attention down from the jaw line – a trick learnt years ago and employed frequently. Narrow wrists in beaten silver and co-ordinated yellow nails shifted the attention directly from the wrist to the tips of the fingers. No jarring between.

Lipstick, mascara, blusher and a well brushed wig completed Mike’s outfit and he was ready for work. It still amazed him that no one knew.

now look again – it could be