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Day 2 was not fun but that’s not the eating challenge’s fault. No siree – its mine. Well, mine and the loads of strange men wandering around my property.

Let’s go back to the evening of Day 1. I had some shaved coconut in a jar I sat and nibbled on after dinner. I may have got carried away by the fact that my until very recently very sore tooth was managing to chew the coconut and I think I ate too much of it.

So Day 2 started okay but my belly got progressively more and more bloated and sore until I wasn’t sure if it was my intestines, my lower back, my uterus or my kidneys that were sore, because everything was.

Put that with the fact that we are having work done on the house, specifically the windows, so at any stage any number of men may be peering into a window. This situation does not make for comfortable toilet trips at all.

So it seems my excretion system has shut up shop with severe stage fright.

A winning combination that ended with a rather uncomfortable midriff.

Aside for the self inflicted agony, the day was a good one. I went out before eating breakfast – rookie error – so got home at 10am hangry as hell. But I didn’t cheat and scoff down something quick and carby. Nope, I bothered to make a proper breakfast – broken fried eggs and all.

I had to modify dinner when I realised I hadn’t thought the beef livers I bought through well enough. No milk allowed and no bacon at the moment until I find one that doesn’t contain sugar, so I used pork shank and fried that with mushrooms and onion and a grated apple, and added the very thinly sliced livers. Was very nice and I am glad I didn’t just decide fuckit and use the bacon, milk. And red wine for a gravy of course. I need to make some good stock to replace the wine in recipes – non-drinkers manage so surely I can.

2 or 30 done and dusted – feeling good and will feel much better once this belly ache is gone

I am sure I just need a huge fart


My meals:


breakfast was pork shank instead of bacon with a veggie hash and two fried eggs


breakfast was similar to yesterday’s lunch – coconut crusted chicken breast with salad and home made lemon mayo



dinner is often my favourite meal that is the worst pic of the day. a lack of natural light makes it hard to get good pics. this is the liver with pork shank, onion, mushrooms and apple on mashed potato with brussel sprouts. was delicious

Last week the MasterChef contestants had to use fish, fish, fish. David, one of the MasterChef Stalkers does not like fish. at all. and it was his turn to cook yesterday.

Luckily for him our rules are gentler than the actual rules so he was allowed to pick from the original choice of main ingredients for a curry. the options were fish, duck or lentils and tofu and pulsey-type things.


Last night he served us butternut and lentil curry. very yummy indeed.

here is his recipe taken from the interwebz

1 butternut
1 T olive oil
2 cloves crushed garlic
3 chopped shallots
1 T butter
Olive oil
1 T curry powder
4 fresh curry leaves
1 cup coconut milk
½ cup vegetable stock
1 cup red lentils
Cooking instructions:

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Peel and cut butternut into bite-sized cubes, then toss with olive oil and cloves crushed garlic. Roast for 40 minutes, or until tender.

Place chopped shallots in a pan with butter and a little drizzle of olive oil. Soften over a low heat for 5 minutes, then stir in curry powder and fresh curry leaves and cook for a further 2 minutes.

Add coconut milk, vegetable stock and red lentils and gently simmer for 10–15 minutes, or until the lentils are cooked. Serve hot with the caramelised butternut

was very nice indeed

Next week Leaza has to make magic with pork – she is threatening pig’s ear but i am hoping for a pork roast.

we’ll see

Last night was fish and chips and mushy peas. And was delicious!

I started by making the batter about an hour before I cooked. It took all of five minutes to sift the flour (230g) with salt, pepper. I then stirred in a beaten egg and slowly poured a cold Hansa into the mix, whisking all the time. The whole beer went in and made a fine looking batter. The recipe asks for more beer than we get in a bottle and the batter seemed fine with one bottle. I guess you could use less flour and have a runnier batter if that made you happier.

Anyway – the batter went into the fridge until I started to cook. Half an hour before we wanted to eat I heated the over and put the oven chips in.

I put water on to boil and a pan with about an inch of oil on to heat. I don’t like to deep fry – so I used less oil and turned the fish over. I used Hake fillets, defrosted, and cut them into tops and tails.

The peas went into the simmering water at the same time as the first half of the fish went into the batter and then into the hot oil. 4 minutes or so and the tail halves of the fish were done. I took them out when they were golden brown on both sides.

I then turned the heat off under the peas and put the fatter pieces of fish, battered, skin side down into the oil. While that side was browning I strained the peas and put them back into the hot pot. A tablespoon of chilli/garlic olive oil, 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt (my low cal replacement for the cream the recipe asked for) and some finely chopped mint went into the peas too.

By then it was time to turn the fish and use a hand whizzer on the peas to make mushy peas. I didn’t mush them completely so there was a mix of textures.

Fish out of the pan and onto a plate with kitchen towel, previous thrown into the over oven chips out and the meal was ready.

The batter was light and crispy, the fish moist and tender. The peas were amazing. The mint just lifted them from boring peaness and the chilli in the oil added a little spark.

A really easy, yummy meal that took all of about ten minutes to actually cook with almost no prep.


Pesactarian friend gave it 8/10

BF was at pub quiz so missed out

I gave it 7/10


So a 7,5 average

Last night a vegetarian friend came for dinner so Meatless Monday happened on Tuesday

I made tomato, pea and tofu curry – the recipe called for paneer but i didn’t have time to make it. I shall do though so that next time I have a stock in the freezer.

I have never cooked with tofu before and have only eaten it once. I thought it tasted like something that would happen if a condom and an egg were genetically spliced – rubbery and somewhat tasteless. But I decided to brave it in the name of environmental friendliness and all that hippy stuff.

I bought two packets of tofu from my local EverFresh. It seemed a nice texture but I wouldn’t know. It was certainly not dry and felt like what I would call silky. (I do watching cookery programmes so I know how to talk about tofu.:-) )

Anyway, I chopped the tofu into pieces and fried in batches until golden brown. I do know that tofu absorbs flavour so I used some of my home-made garlic and chilli oil for the frying. Not a lot, just enough to keep the tofu from sticking to the pan.

Once golden brown I put the tofu to one side.

I then threw half a dried red chilli (next time I will use a whole one), a whole jalapeño from my oil bottle, 50g of plain yoghurt (recipe asked for greek-style but i had low fat plan yoghurt and it worked fine – with fewer calories), a tin of tomatoes, a good squirt of tomato paste (15ml), a teaspoon of sugar, 2 tsp of garam masala, some salt and a crushed garlic clove (also from the oil bottle) into the food processor.

I whizzed these into a thick liquid and then put it into the pan I fried the tofu in.

I brought it to the boil and simmered it for a while – 3 minutes ish. Then I added 125ml of water and again simmered for 2 or 3 minutes. Then in went the tofu and frozen peas. I used about 150g of peas. That cooked for 5 minutes and voila – all was ready. The recipe calls for cream to then be stirred in and I guess it may have made the sauce creamier (duh) but I am not sure it is necessary considering the calories it adds.

I served it all with wild brown rice.

BF scored it 8/10

Vegetarian friend scored it 7/10

I thought about 6/10

so thats an average score of 7/10

All agreed it is a meal we’d eat again happily. But we all want to try it with paneer.

And the tofu was great – not rubbery, slightly spicy and so full of self-righteousness it wins as a protein

Recipe I modified came from Plum Magazine – Summer 2011. A great South African recipe magazine.

pepper steak pie

i cooked again – i do love to cook

i have realised that i am of the slow cook variety  – i like stuff that takes a while. none of this instant stuff in a bag for me. if i have no time i defrost one of my frozen slow meals i made when i did have time. this is a luxury i plan for and hang onto – this slow cooking


anyway – today was pepper steak pie

here are the indgredients


i used chuck so it was cheap too. buying the small bottle of brandy and a single beer has added to the impression the local off licence staff have that i am a drunk. and a poor one at that. oh well!


I tossed the meat chunks in flour that i seasoned and then put that and the onion in a pot. Browned it and removed the meat. Then i deglazed the pot with with the brandy and added the beer, stock powder, water and pepper. Mixed the whole lot up, put it in an over proof pot thingie and let it do its thing at 180 for about 45 minutes.


while that was bubbling away, my nephew and i made short crust pasrty. and i have to admit that i have final given up trying to make short crust pastry in debben. its the frozen variety from now on. it’s just to humid to get it to work well here, even my marble rolling pin and board didn’t facilitate thin enough pastry at the end.

but my nephew had fun making it and i did use it.

i took the meat mix and spooned it into individual ramekins.

the pastry went over the top and i poked a hole in it.

back into the over for 30 minutes and nom nom nom

the filling was awesomeness. the pastry a little thick but we broke it into bits and mooshed it into the filling. a success served with salad and baby potatoes

they woudn’t let me photograph the meal – everyone tucked in while i was running to get my camera 😦


i got the recipe (cos i never claimed to be able to cook) from a Pick n Pay hand out. for brand new cooks (as i realised i am no longer) the recipe leaves out bits. i filled them in just cos i know a little bit about what to do in a kitchen but some one who knew nothing may have been confused. The sauce around the meat also needed thickening.

but a good little handout anyway – thanks PnP


i did do some other cooking today – but that will have to wait. it’s a surprise you see