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mini taster menu

Cooking is definitely an infectious enthusiasm. People experiment with cooking because others around them do. It’s a state of being that is spread by heart to mouth contact I think.

But enough of that kind of vomitious prose.

The point of it is that, in addition to having a third person in the Stalk MasterChef SA game, tonight David and I and a third friend are holding a mini dinner party just cos we want to try cooking things we haven’t cooked before. (This third person is not the MasterChef 3rd so the cooking group is growing.)


Louis suggested this evening – the original plan was one course each. It was then decided that we would each do a main course, just a small portion thereof. So it’s kinda of like a mini taster menu.

I got veggies, Louis got chicken and David got red meat. Well, to be honest, David grabbed red meat in his grubby little closet-farmer hands and would not let it go. He thinks it’s all he can cook – silly man!

(A closet-farmer is someone who wears trennery but would happily each meat and starch every day of his life.)


This may be fun. And if it is – we will do it every month or so.

fork more pork

Again with the David meat meal. I claimed way too recently to eat red meat a couple of times a month ago not to be slightly embarrassed by the fact that pork snuck into a meal so soon after the topside duo. But its only sort of red meat isn’t it?

I do love pork though – bacon is the one reason i could never be a veggie much as I know it is the right thing to do. and do not tell me veggie bacon is the same – it’s not. (do they even make veggie bacon? – i do hope not)

Anyway – I wanted to make a bit of a curry and at my local Spar a woman was promoting pork. I like pork but seldom think about buying it beyond bacon and ham. I decided to use pork for the curry for a change. Pork is surprisingly lean and is cheaper than the redder red meats so its win win all round (unless you’re a pig of course).


I started by browning the meat and adding the curry powder, turmeric and coriander to the meat. I let that brown and warm up and make the house smell amazing before I added onions, garlic, chilli, peppers, potatoes, turnips, a tin of Indian tomatoes and a tin of red kidney beans to the pot. Liquid went in in the form of ¼ of a bottle of red wine.

Again, I left it to simmer away while David and I drank a load of red wine. (I am beginning to see a pattern here!).


I served the curry with brown rice and a scattering of fresh coriander. I am a bit coriander mad so mine had loads more coriander than was strictly necessary. But it made me very happy.


Bf gave it 8/10

David gave it a plate licking (he really did) 9/10

And I though it about an 8/10 too


Marinated beef

This was Friday’s meal but I went away for the weekend and that was way more fun than writing a random blog post

I decided I needed some red meat so I bought some minute steaks. I put the meat in a bowl with a sliced red onion, sliced garlic, sliced mushroom, coriander and herbs. Lemon juice and balsamic vinegar supplied the liquid for the marinade. I left the lot to bond in the fridge for a while.

When ready to cook I took the meat out of the mixture and fried the rest. Once the onion was all soft and caramelised I took the mix out of the pan and put the meat in. Because the meat was so think it took almost no time to cook. Once it was cooked I cut it into strip and served with a salad and the oniony mushroomy goodness of an almost sauce.