Small town Eastern Cape

Juluka was coming to town and we wheedled and dealdled our way into being allowed to go to the concert.

They sent us, 60-odd 17 year olds down to the town hall in full stepping out uniform. Tights, ties, blazers, bashers – real concert attending outfits.

We had strict instructions to stay seated the entire show.

We were 17. It was 19985. We were politically aware and appalled. And it was Johnny Clegg and Sipho Mchunu. Staying seated was never going to happen.

By the third song we were all on our feet and by the ends of the concert we were wearing ties and headbands and our bashers were bashed. We were a sweaty heap of ecstatic teenagers.

We paid for it afterwards but that was, and remains, the best concert I have ever been to.



45 years old


Johnny Clegg came to town and I was given a ticket by a friend of mine. Four of us went to the Playhouse in a taxi and sat in the second row.

And I was 17 all over again. Johnny Clegg is older and greyer and he didn’t do his iconic foot stamping thing. I guess old hips don’t flex quite the way young ones do.

Johnny Clegg

But it was still Johnny Clegg and Impi and Scatterlings still got us all on our feet.


It was magnificent.

He is legend